LawOverBorders provides legal risk and regulatory information in an easy to use comprehensive tool – helping SMEs keep on top of changing rules and regulations around the world which impacts their business. With legal, regulatory and operational risks growing, it is imperative that companies know what they need to do in order to keep their businesses safe. LawOverBorders is the first port of call when finding out the rules of different countries through the eyes of some of the world’s global legal experts. With this data, SMEs has insight into the regulatory and legal issues that impact their businesses.


Luxury is one of the fastest growing marketplaces globally, spanning many sectors from automobiles and art to fashion, jets and yachts. The sector is worth 1.2 trillion euros globally whilst many luxury companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Despite their size, they face the same challenges as major companies. LawOverBorders is the first step for luxury companies when they need instant information and access to legal data about a particular country and its regulations and legislation. The technology solution provides instant information whilst also connecting them with experts in the country who can provide legal advice if necessary.